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Podcast and a CD

Apr 24, 2018

I'm back with Ozzy's 1986 album 'The Ultimate Sin' Jake E. Lee's guitar work shines on this album, but Ozzy claims it's his least favorite album of his solo career. What do I think about it? What do you think about it? Next up 1988's 'No Rest for the Wicked!

Apr 24, 2018

I'm back with 1983's 'Bark at the Moon', Ozzy's first album after Randy Rhoads passing in 1982. Jake E. Lee took over on guitar for this "difficult album to make". Listen in to see if it holds up after all these years. @apodcastandacd

Apr 24, 2018

I'm back this week with another episode in my Ozzy Osbourne Series! 'Diary of a Madman' is a fan favorite in the land of OZZ. Listen in as I discuss this classic album, featuring Randy Rhoads on guitar for the last time before his untimely death in March of 1982. 

Apr 19, 2018

I'm back with a new episode and an new artist... Ozzy Osbourne. I'm starting off with his debut solo album 'Blizzard of Ozz' from 1980/81. Let me know what you think of this album on Twitter @APodcastandaCD or by email Visit and visit the comments section as well! Thanks...