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Podcast and a CD

Oct 7, 2020

I recorded this the evening of October 6, 2020 hours after hearing about Eddie's passing. People were asking my thoughts online quite a bit so I figured I'd record what I was feeling the day Eddie passed.

Oct 7, 2020

I recorded this episode a week before Eddie passed away, so this is my last show with hope in seeing Van Halen Live again and anticipating a new record. David Lee Roth returned to the studio with Van Halen for the 2012 release of 'A Different Kind of Truth'. @APodcastandaCD

Oct 5, 2020

Van Halen returned in 2004 with lead singer Sammy Hagar for a tour and three new songs to support another greatest hits compilation called "The Best of Both Worlds". The collection was advertised as the first compilation to include both Sammy and Dave songs mixed with each other. After a long tour VH seemed to have seen...