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Podcast and a CD

Dec 27, 2022

In September 2022, Bruce Springsteen announced to fans he was releasing a new album of "Soul Covers" - 'Only the Strong Survive'.

Listen in as I listen to this album for the first time on the podcast! @APodcastandaCd

Dec 26, 2022

In late 2020 Bruce Springsteen surprised us with a new E Street album announcement. With every early track release the excitement kept growing until the release in late October 2020. 'Letter To You' became an instant classic. Listen in to hear my thoughts on this recent release from Bruce!

Nov 30, 2022

In 2019 Bruce Springsteen released his long talked about "solo" record that had been sitting around waiting for a release. That album was 'Western Stars' Listen in as I discuss this album and end up sharing a lot of stories about how this album affected me! @APodcastandaCD

Nov 18, 2022

In 2016 Bruce Springsteen released his autobiography 'Born to Run' with the companion album 'Chapter & Verse' On this episode I discuss the new songs released on that album, plus a few bonus' here & there. @APodcastandaCD

Oct 21, 2022

Today I cover Bruce's 'The River' Boxset 'The Ties That Bind'. I cover the newly released songs from this boxset and also discuss his 2016 'The River Tour' as well. @APodcastandaCD